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Perfect Walk-in Bathtub Options for Small Bathrooms

Walk-in bathtubs are an excellent option for individuals looking to enhance bathroom safety and accessibility. While larger bathrooms may accommodate spacious walk-in tubs, those with limited space may wonder if there are suitable options for smaller bathrooms. Fortunately, there are compact and space-saving walk-in bathtubs designed specifically for such situations. Here’s a guide to perfect walk-in bathtub options for small bathrooms:

1. American Standard Gelcoat Entry Series Walk-In Tub:

  • Size: Compact design with dimensions suitable for small bathrooms.
  • Features:
    • Low-entry step for easy access.
    • Built-in chair-height seat.
    • Patented Quick Drain® technology for faster drainage.

2. Ella’s Bubbles Transfer26 Walk-In Tub:

  • Size: Narrow and compact design ideal for limited space.
  • Features:
    • Inward swinging door for space efficiency.
    • Built-in contoured seat for comfort.
    • Thermostatic control valve to maintain water temperature.

3. Jacuzzi Finestra Walk-In Tub:

  • Size: Compact dimensions suitable for small bathrooms.
  • Features:
    • Low-entry threshold for easy access.
    • Wide-opening door with a space-saving design.
    • Aromatherapy and chromotherapy options for a spa-like experience.

4. Kohler Elevance Rising Wall Bath:

  • Size: Space-saving design suitable for small bathrooms.
  • Features:
    • Rising wall technology for easy entry and exit.
    • Dual leak-proof seals for a secure bathing experience.
    • BubbleMassage™ air bath for added comfort.

5. Bliss Tubs B3060 Walk-In Tub:

  • Size: Compact footprint designed for smaller spaces.
  • Features:
    • Inward swinging door for space efficiency.
    • Easy-to-reach controls.
    • Slip-resistant textured floor for safety.

6. Universal Tubs HD Series Walk-In Tub:

  • Size: Designed with compact dimensions for smaller bathrooms.
  • Features:
    • Low-entry threshold for easy access.
    • Built-in contoured seat.
    • Quick-fill feature for faster water filling.

7. Sanctuary Petite Soaker Walk-In Tub:

  • Size: Specifically designed for small bathrooms with limited space.
  • Features:
    • Compact outward-swinging door.
    • Low step-in height for accessibility.
    • Dual-drain technology for quicker drainage.

Considerations for Small Bathrooms:

  1. Size and Dimensions:
    • Look for walk-in tub models explicitly designed for smaller spaces.
    • Consider the dimensions of the tub, especially its length, width, and height.
  2. Door Design:
    • Opt for inward or outward swinging doors, depending on your bathroom layout and available space.
  3. Space-Saving Features:
    • Choose tubs with features like built-in seats and compact controls to maximize space.
  4. Installation Requirements:
    • Ensure that the tub is suitable for the existing plumbing and electrical setup in your small bathroom.
  5. Safety Features:
    • Prioritize safety features such as slip-resistant floors, grab bars, and anti-scald technology.


While small bathrooms pose a challenge for installing walk-in bathtubs, there are several options specifically designed to fit compact spaces. By considering the size, features, and safety elements of these tubs, individuals can enjoy the benefits of a walk-in bathtub without compromising on space or accessibility. Consulting with a professional installer can help determine the most suitable option for your unique bathroom layout.

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